Nowadays, IVF treatment is patient-friendly, comfortable, painless and not-time consuming compatible with daily professional life!

There is no special diet or special layout before/during/after the treatment that would enhance sperm or egg quality. All kinds of hygienic food are acceptable. Obviously, for those smoking couples, we kindly ask them, both males and females, to quit smoking.

During the treatment, there is no detrimental effect of light exercise such as walking and swimming. Patients may also continue their professional life during the treatment cycle. Only on the day of oocyte retrieval, day of embryo transfer and a couple of days after, we tell our patients not to work, if possible. There is no special restriction about sexual intercourse. However we don’t recommend sexual intercourse after OPU.

We kindly ask our patients to inform our physicians about the drugs that they are using, if any, before an IVF treatment cycle. All types of medications, apart from those allowed ones by ours physician, are not acceptable to be used. You may be using some painkillers such as paracetomol (Parol/Vermidone), following oocyte pick-up, if needed.

What about after embryo transfer?

After the procedure, patients are taken to their rooms by the litter and they bed-rest for 1 hour.

It is important that the patients should keep using the medications, advised by our medical staff until and including the day of pregnancy test.

We do not have any particular recommendation for diet/food following embryo transfer.

Although not based on scientific evidence, we tell our patients to take it easy and have some bed rest for 2-3 days following ET. For those patients that are coming abroad, they may fly back home 1-2 days after ET.

The first pregnancy test is performed 14 days after of OPU (9 days after following Day 5 embryo transfer).

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