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Wherever you are in the world, to taste this feeling worthy of the whole wide world, thrust Anatolia team’s knowhow. Believe me, if there's the slightest chance, Dr.Hakan and his team will turn that possibility into reality.

Just like they did to make our dreams come true...

Ç & G Karademir


One of the best clinics from Turkey, and one of the top clinic from the world, awesome people top equipment, I wish I did know before I lost 2-3 years being through different clinic through Europe...
My advice to everyone don't lose your time around get this clinic and have your dreams come true in a blink!!!



Hi Dr. Hakan
As promised here is my story to encourage women desiring to have a baby.
I'm sending you some pictures of our baby Damian.

"How all this started or my story in brief about a dream to have a baby:
37 years old, AMH 0.37 Ng/ mL (too low even for IVF...). Hormonal
therapy for IVF started.
After hormonal therapy only ONE egg was developed.
Decision to harvest thisegg in spite of the extremely low chances.
Fertilisation. Succeeded by forming a quality embryo.
Embryo transfer of this only embryo. Endless 15 days before I heard the happiest thing ever: "pregnant!."

Now, our baby is almost two months. He is our sunshine and we are the happiest parents on the earth.

I would like our story to be heard by those women who nearly lost all their hope to have a baby. Who think that it's impossible to make it work because of some reasons. Please, don't be discouraged, strive for your dream to have a baby. Our story is a genuine proof that miracles exist. Miracle? Probably it is but it is also about having a strong faith in Dr. Yarali's and his team's professional skills and knowledge, advice and guidance. Relying on their support, their genuine human kindness and understanding. Our story is to say: try to remain positive and optimistic (even if it is hard) trust your body, trust your doctor and trust the Mother Nature... Good luck. "

Thank you once again for everything, Dr Hakan.
Best regards